Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sunset Canyon Drive Christmas 2010

Robert and Sunnie are my next door neighbors on Sunset Canyon. They're fabulous people who I have gotten to really like... Every year Robert starts putting up a few strings of lights on his home just before the holidays and it always turns into a classical noel artwork of lights and music. So I said to Robert "would it be ok if I grabbed a camera and shot a little footage of your work". 

The viewer should also understand that we were having a rain storm in Southern California this week and we witnessed about six inches of rain... 

So I grabbed these images between rain drops.
click below and enjoy what I look at when I exit my front door.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Personal Realization

consider first your moment
of personal realization
your thoughts of life
of sunny days and dreams

experience emotion as an art
and touch the self
allow the energy of light
flowing gently eternal

and remember
we are one
and as one
we are perfect

realize the beauty of
excitement in a child's eye
the innocence of
discovery of truth
the games we've learned
and played

the hope that
in this incarnation
we will exhilarate
happiness forever

the search continues
through eons of karma
always in the present
always alone

then remember
we are one
and as one
we are perfect
cf lange