Monday, May 16, 2011

My friend Author Jack DeBar Smith

I met Jack back in 1995 when he needed someone to make a web page for his book The Iconoclast goes to Sea: Dilemma in Blue, a personal diary of his exploits joining the navy in 1942 and sailing aboard the USS Antietam an aircraft carrier.  We became great friends and I realized much can be learned from the experiences of those who participated in World War II. The Iconoclast Goes to Sea: Dilemma in Blues Upon discharge from the navy, he attended the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, on the GI Bill, where he obtained his bachelor degree in business administration with a minor in aviation. 

Jack recently asked me to assist him on promoting his new book THE ILLIMITABLES ~ Nicky Levitation a novel about a couple of guys who find an old manuscript written by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla (known for electrical energy distribution). See:
The real fun was getting to video tape an interview with him which included escorting him to The Los Angeles Times Festival of BOOKS at USC. 

Enjoy the embedded video... and look for Jack on facebook!

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