Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marty Weiss turned 85

 For a few years back in the late 70s Marty was the music editor on "Happy Days" and he and his wife Dana were my close personal friends. They wrote film scripts together and were known by everyone as 'one crazy couple' - In fact their tv pilot was called "Crazy Corners" Marty also is a real estate agent and can be found on the web at eRealEstateMan.

On June 11th this year, Marty turned 85. I invited him to lunch at Mel's Diner on the Sunset Strip, the former home of Ben Franks, a restaurant that fed luminaries like the Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol.. We used to hang out there in the mid-sixties after a night of rock n roll'n at the whiskey or boozing at Barney's.

I ordered my favorite meat loaf sandwich and he had his 'french dipped'... In this video senior moment you'll discover a very active Marty that's incredibly involved in 'The chocolate cake and candle scandal'. You will hear the fat lady sing! You'll discover new meanings to the term 'four score and seven years ago'. And meet Angel his beautiful waitress who presented him with a free Mel's Diner Tee Shirt! "Gotta say being 85 is tasty" says Marty...

Marty goes fishing every Thursday rain or shine.  

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