Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who Knew

Its been more than 18 months since I had the courage to add a line or two to this page. My brother who would have turned 70 this January escaped this level of life awareness and went on to his new experience of existence in the afterlife. I hope He's a lot happier.

When we were kids back in Chicago, Tommy was the rebel... Always took the alternate choice and often was berated or punished for it. He grew to possess a real lack of self confidence and repeatedly denied his abilities and ambitions. 

He was a beautiful human being and was worthy of respect. I miss this guy a lot. We're only together for the time we allow ourselves. We can extend that period or shorten it and that is based on how we accept our self and attempt to be of service. RIP Tommy. You were loved by your family, friends and those you never had an opportunity to get to know.

For personal reasons of his own his addiction to cigarettes was much more attractive than his addiction to just throwing those cancer sticks in the trash and staying healthy. A recent television public service announcement highlights this message.

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