Sunday, August 8, 2010

hello is there anyone in there :)

in retrospect I believe I may have over indulged my ability to charm young redheaded aspiring artists into believing that I possessed most of everything they would ever want from a man...
They later realized it was an act of immature, naive hope that I had stacks of dollars hidden somewhere in the immediate future :)
Which was Not Realized...

check out the book: Here Among the Hypnotized... a series of juxtapositions of man and God, the nature of man and the nature of God, the state of man apart from God and the state of man at peace with God. These works run the gamut from the utter folly and hopelessness of man when he worships himself and rejects God to the utter peace and joy of man when he admits his shortcomings and accepts God as his hope and salvation in this world and beyond.
-the author: "a new perspective of virtually everything ever seen and experienced. This perspective is reflected in an increasing appreciation for the power and purity of God our Creator, and for my own and mankind’s reconciliation with Him. This is what I am hoping to express to others through this book.”

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