Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On The Road to San Francisco

In 1972, I made it a point to drive to San Francisco, find an apt and get a job... Rock n' Roll on ABC's KSFX (now KGO FM) had the guts to hire a guy who never sold air time before or produce a legitimate radio commercial... It was a fabulous experience. San Francisco was everything I wanted a city to be and life was a daily happening. A thousand waterbed commercials later I was "King Coils" on Rock FM. In one spot I voiced in a very deep god like tone, I described the therapeutic benefits of waterbeds as in the background sfx we heard the lash crack of a whip and the repeated moan of a female delighted by the experience. The radio station got hundreds of requests to play the commercial again and Waterbed Experience stores sold hundreds of units.
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